Pedorthist Gold Coast


Do you have difficulty finding a well fitting shoe? Our Pedorthist’s can manufacture and fit you with custom designed medical footwear. They can also suggest, modify and supply custom made splints or they can fit you with the most appropriate prefabricated footwear for your feet.

What is Pedorthics:   A Pedorthist is a professional who makes shoes, modifies shoes or makes splints for people with foot deformity’s or foot pain.

Pedorthists are skilled professioanls of:

  • Pedothists provide advise on the need and application of medical grade footwear
  • Provide Prefabricated footwear
  • Alterations of prefabricated footwear
  • Custom designed and manufactured footwear
  • Custom designed and manufactured orthotic appliances

Our team can also work with NDIS or DVA participants to design, manufacture and arrange all of the necessary paperwork. For more information feel free to email us directly at or call us on 07 5502 3301.

Pedorthics Gold Coast